3 People Arrested After A Large Amount of Marijuana Was Found At The Indianapolis Airport

3 People Arrested After A Large Amount of Marijuana Was Found At The Indianapolis Airport

In just a few days, police at Indianapolis International Airport caught three big groups of people with a lot of marijuana. All of them were coming from San Francisco.

Joel Shavers, one of the suspects, is accused of having 18 pounds of marijuana in hard-sided luggage and five packages of marijuana in a carry-on bag. Shaver wouldn’t talk with the police.

Williams is accused of carrying around 17 pounds of marijuana in a bag with a hard side. Williams is said to have told the police that he was going to get paid for moving the bag.

Police say that Keenan Thomas told them on March 3 that he was going to sell 10 pounds of marijuana.

All three of Shaver, Williams, and Thomas are accused of selling marijuana.

Can You Bring Weed on A Plane Legally?

In October 2022, the VERIFY team reported that it is against the law to bring weed on a plane because federal law applies at airports and when traveling between states. Even if you are flying from a state where it is legal to buy or have marijuana. But the TSA is not looking for drugs on purpose.

Tyson Daniel, a lawyer in Virginia who specializes in cannabis law, said that the law on this issue is pretty clear.

“No,” he told her. “That’s the short answer,” he said.

Daniel pointed out that weed is still against the law at the federal level, which is why it is hard to bring it on an airplane.

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3 People Arrested After A Large Amount of Marijuana Was Found At The Indianapolis Airport

He said, “No matter how you cut it.” “If you go through TSA, you have to be part of a federal framework.”

A spokesperson for the TSA said that agents are not actively looking for marijuana or any other drug.

“TSA officers don’t go out of their way to look for drugs,” the spokesperson said. “When our officers are doing the normal screening, if they find marijuana or other drugs, they immediately call the local police. Whether or not there is a criminal charge is up to the local police.”

For example, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police are in charge of law enforcement at Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport. The MWAA sent the following short statement to our team:

“Airports Authority Police follow the Code of Virginia when they enforce the law,” the statement said.


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