Dating History of Chris Brown, Including His Time with Karrueche Tran and Ammika Harris

As of April 2022, Chris Brown is a father to three famous offspring. The controversial R&B singer’s past relationships have included models, musicians, and eccentric celebrities.

His scandalous love life with Rihanna has brought him the most notoriety. His other passions, though, have a similar propensity for attracting conflict. When it comes to Brown’s relationships, will the one in the back of the house finally settle down?

Chris Brown Has Three Children from Three Different Women.

According to Distractify, the “Go Crazy” singer has fathered three kids with as many different women. As of 2014, he and model Nia Guzman are parents to their first child. Royalty, the couple’s kid, was conceived during a time when Brown was seeing someone else. Their relationship didn’t last long, and they continued to have public fights even after breaking up.

The 2019 birth of Brown’s “alternative child,” Aiko, was a big deal. Model Ammika Harris, the child’s mother, is a longtime lover and frequent lover of the R&B singer. When it comes to the most important aspects of raising their son, they have a good co-parenting relationship. However, Brown voiced her disappointment on social media after the birth of her third child occurred ahead of schedule.

Lovely, Brown’s third child, is essentially a replacement son. In April, she was born to model Diamond Brown. Strangely, Diamond did not mention Lovely’s infamous father when she blazoned the baby’s appearance. Since then, they have acknowledged the child’s paternity but have kept mum about their relationship status. Possible explanation: their romance is entangled with those of several of the “Forever” chorister’s ex-girlfriends.

Chris Brown Currently Supports 2 Families with Child Support Payments.

A Fresh Love for Brown Begins Before the Old One Has Run Its Course. as A Result of His Bias, He Is Now Required to Provide Financial Assistance to The Mothers of His First Two Children. His Salary Suggests He Should Pay Approximately $1,000 per Month to Both Children, However, the Actual Statistics at The Moment Are Uncertain.

Guzman asked the Court for $1,000. in Spite of The Case’s Failure, She Will Likely Collect Over $1,000. Given the Singer’s Improved Connection with Aiko’s Mother, the Boy May End up Receiving Less Statutory Child Support.

When Brown’s Plans to Visit Harris and His Son Had to Be Canceled Due to Covid- 19 Travel Limitations, He Voiced His Regret Publicly. Despite the fact that Brown and Her Spouse Have Been Estranged Since the Birth of His Third Kid, the Social Media Star Frequently Shares Loving Photos About Their Son Aiko.

The Singer Said Something Imprecise About Rihanna and Her New Son Besides the Three Mothers of His Three Children, Chris Brown Has a Long and Extensive History of Dating. His Relationships with Models and Social Media Stars Like Karrueche Tran and Gina Huynh Have Been on And Off for Quite Some Time. He Dated a Number of Other Singers as Well, Including Rihanna and Indonesian Pop Diva Agnez Mo.

Recently, Ri and Rapper Asap Rocky Had Their First Child Together. the Proud Parents Devoured Their New Kid in May, but Haven’t Publicly Revealed His Name. a New Child Is in The Cards for The “marquee” Singer and Rocky.

An Abusive Relationship Between Chris Brown and Rihanna Ends in 2009. After Attacking the “we Made a Love” Singer, He Was Sent to Prison for Five Years. They Quietly Reignited Their Romance in 2012, but Have Been Unusually Private About Their Relationship Ever Since.
According to Us Weekly, Brown Seemed to Have Acknowledged in Some Way the Birth of His Partner’s First Kid. without Mentioning the “diamonds” Singer by Name, He Posted “congratulations” Alongside the Emojis of A Red Heart, Prayer Hands, and A Pregnant Woman in His Instagram Stories.

Is Chris Brown Dating Anyone Currently? Who Are His Exes?

Chris Brown Has Been Romantically Linked to Several Ladies Throughout the Years, Including Karrueche Tran and Ammika Harris of The Entertainment Industry.

Since His Breakup More than A Decade Ago, the Singer’s Romantic Endeavors and Subsequent Entry Into Parenthood Have Been Chronicled in The Captions. Breezy Now Has Two Children with Two of His Ex-Lovers.

What About Chris Brown’s Love Life, Who Is He Seeing Now? Is He Seeing Anyone at The Moment, or Is He a Confirmed Bachelor?

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Brown Diamond

Diamond Brown, a Model, and Social Media Influencer Has Been Speculated to Be Chris Brown’s Third Baby Mama. on Friday, They Allegedly Devoured Their Third Child ( Jan 7).

Diamond Posted a Picture of The Newborn on Instagram with The Caption “first Print!” the Baby Weighed in At a Healthy 6 Pounds, and 9 Ounces.

That Must Be the Queen!” Beautiful Symphony Brown It’s Been an Entire Day Since You Entered This World, My Little Baby Girl, and You’ve Already Taught Me so Much About What Matters Most. I’ll Protect You and Adore You Forever. Eternally Yours, Mother.

In Late 2021, Rumors Spread that Chris Brown and Instagram Model Diamond Brown Were Expecting Their Third Child Together.

In September of That Year, Diamond Announced Her Pregnancy on Instagram, Establishing Her Gestational Journey without Naming the Father of Her Child.

When Being Robbed and Shot Together, Chris Was Suspected to Have a Romantic Interest in Diamond After He Was Seen Enjoying Several of Diamond’s Movies on Instagram.

At the Time of Writing, neither Chris nor Diamond Had Any Thoughts to Share About the Rumors.

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Said Ammika Harris

Chris Brown and Model Ammika Harris Were First Linked in 2015, Then in 2019, They Were Sighted in Paris, Reigniting Romance Rumors that Had Died out In 2015.

Until Rumors Started Spreading that Ammika Was Expecting Breezy’s Baby, the Couple Managed to Keep Their Relationship Relatively Under Wraps.

Aiko Catori Was Born to Them in November of This Year. Chris and Ammika Are Not Allowed to Date at The Moment, but They Seem to Be a Formidable Team as They Co-Parent Aiko.

Huynh, Gina V.

Around October 2020, Rumors Began to Circulate that Chris Was Seeing Model Gina v. Huynh, Who Had Previously Been Linked to Diddy.

During Breezy’s First Visit to The Uk Following His Ban in 2009, the Couple Was Spotted in London, but It Seems They Quickly Broke Up.

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When Filming Chris’s 2019 Music Video for “type a Way,” He Reportedly Struck up An Instant Attraction with Model Indyamarie.

Their Relationship Is Shrouded in Mystery, but After Reports Surfaced that Chris Was Expecting a Kid with Ammika Harris, the Brace Called Off.

Mo Agnez

Chris Brown’s Relationship Status Was Called Into Question After Photos of Him and Indonesian Singer Agnez Mo Cuddling in A Plant Leaked Online.

Love Rumors Quickly Spread, but Fizzled out With the July 2018 Release of Their Collaborative Effort, Overdose.

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