Volunteers Become High to Demonstrate the Police the Effects of Marijuana Impairment!

In Montgomery County, where medical marijuana is currently allowed, patients who have been approved for recreational use have consumed marijuana to show police that they are impaired.

The training on Thursday night was an effort to show how cannabis has a more nuanced effect on driving ability than alcohol.

The possibility to “truly expand our deployment out on the road and our proactive ability to identify intoxicated drivers by cannabis” is “a tremendous opportunity,” a police officer said.

Volunteers Get High to Demonstrate Marijuana Impairment for PolicePeople volunteered to smoke or consume marijuana while police monitored their behavior.

Because “if cops aren’t educated, they’re going to undertake a range of stops and arrests that aren’t practical,” as one volunteer put it.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that while alcohol has a much larger role in fatal accidents, stoned drivers are responsible for 25% more accidents than sober drivers.

As of July 1st, 2018, Maryland will join the District of Columbia and Virginia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. It is still against the law, however, to operate a motor vehicle while high on marijuana.


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