Trulieve, a Florida Medical Marijuana Business, Is Being Sued for Firing Employees.

Employees of Trulieve, Inc., the largest medical marijuana business in the state, who were laid off, have filed a prospective class-action complaint, claiming the Tallahassee-based business did not provide them with enough notice before doing so.

An undetermined number of employees were laid off during the previous few weeks at facilities in North Florida, where Trulieve’s grow operations are situated. Trulieve operates in nine states, including Florida. The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which mandates early notification before factory closings or mass layoffs, is allegedly violated by Trulieve, according to the lawsuit.

Tiffany Cruz, a lawyer in Tallahassee, brought the action on behalf of Ranjill O’Neil, a Quincy-based employee of the defendant. Employees at Trulieve locations in Quincy, Monticello, and Midway allegedly lost their jobs, according to the lawsuit. According to the report, Trulieve was required by federal law to provide employees at least 60 days’ notice before termination but did not. A class action certification is sought in the complaint.

Trulieve, a Florida Medical Marijuana Business, Is Being Sued for Firing Employees.

Trulieve denied the charges. Glenn Burhans, Jr., a partner at the Stearns Weaver Miller law firm in Tallahassee, said in a statement that Trulieve “has complied with all state and federal rules with regards to reductions in force.” When possible, Trulieve offered affected workers new jobs at the same location or at other locations nearby. Employees were given severance compensation in cases where transfers were neither possible nor acceptable, according to the statement.

A Trulieve spokeswoman explained the layoffs in a different statement as the result of “a mix of events.” Following a merger last year, the corporation was also “consolidating redundant positions,” according to the statement.

With reference to a brand-new 750,000-square-foot facility in Jefferson County, Trulieve declared that it is “dedicated to Northwest Florida.” According to the statement, the cannabis business operator has close to 9,000 employees nationwide and is looking “for additional opportunities in various areas.”

Trulieve, a Florida Medical Marijuana Business, Is Being Sued for Firing Employees.

According to a news release announcing the transaction, Trulieve completed its merger with Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. in October 2021, making it the “biggest and most profitable” marijuana business in the country. The complaint demands monetary compensation for unpaid earnings, salary, commissions, bonuses, accrued holiday and vacation pay, as well as other benefits for the 60 days following the date of the employee’s departure.

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