Stiiizy, A Brand of Cannabis, Enters The Market For Recreational Marijuana In Illinois

Stiiizy, A Brand of Cannabis, Enters The Market For Recreational Marijuana In Illinois

The Cannabis and lifestyle brand Stiiizy, which is based in California, said this week that it is entering the legal cannabis market in Illinois. This means that the company’s products are now available in five states. The brand will launch in Illinois with three of its most popular products, and they will be sold in more than 90% of the licensed dispensaries that serve the $1.5 billion adult-use cannabis market in the state.

“With our launch in Michigan, we planted our flag in the middle of the country. Now that our brand and team are well-known there, it made sense to move to Illinois. The market had time to grow up, which was important to us because our products are always available, taste the same, and are priced fairly, said Stiiizy managing partner Ryan Jundt in a statement released by the company on Thursday. “We also see that Illinois has a real cannabis culture that isn’t being served. We love markets like that because we can meet the demand when we go to places where there is a real cannabis culture.”

The Illinois launch of Stiiizy will start with three of the company’s most popular products, such as the Stiiizy “OG” Pod, which has botanical terpenes and comes in one-gram and half-gram sizes for Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Stiiizy “CDT” Pods use cannabis-derived terpenes extracted from single-source plants to keep the natural terpene profile of each flower strain. They are also available in one-gram and half-gram sizes and come in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid cannabis strains. The Stiiizy “Liiil” Disposable Pod is the last one in the first group. It is advertised as a “weed pen that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds.”

Stiiizy Is Now Available In Five States

In Illinois, stores like Green Rose Dispensary, Windy City Cannabis, Ivy Hall, Dispensary 33, and Rise sell Stiiizy products. Stiiizy products can also be bought at legal pot shops in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan. Illinois consumers are already looking forward to the brand’s arrival because of how well-known the company is there.

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Stiiizy, A Brand of Cannabis, Enters The Market For Recreational Marijuana In Illinois

“When we first started selling in Michigan, we saw that every Instagram post we made got a lot of comments asking when we’d be in Illinois. Or, “Why aren’t you living in Illinois?” Please go to Illinois next,'” Jundt wrote in an email. “I read those comments and started going to Illinois to see if it would be a good place for us to go next. When I was there, I would walk around in my Stiiizy hoodie, and people would literally stop me in the street and ask me about it.

Because of how consistently good Stiiizy’s cannabis products are, the brand has a strong following in California, where the company is based. This has led to a strong demand for the company’s products, which has spread to the other states where it does business and beyond. Stiiizy is also known for its community development program, Stiiizy Joint Efforts, which is well-known in California and Michigan.

“The power of cannabis is to bring people together and build bridges between communities. The director of social impact at Stiiizy, DeRon Waller, said, “We’re committed to helping people and groups that make a difference everywhere we work.” “Throughout the year, our team volunteers to deliver healthy meals to people in need, help our veterans, and work with nonprofits that help communities that have been hurt by cannabis prohibition more than others. Our company’s mission is to help people live better lives, and we’re excited to bring this value to Illinois.


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