Recognizing 2 Chainz and His Advocacy for Marijuana!

Everyone can see that 2 Chainz is a huge marijuana fan. The American rapper, record producer, and songwriter has an extensive history with marijuana, including time spent in jail.

Obviously, his brushes with the law and his own personal experience with cannabis sparked his fire to keep fighting for what’s right: the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis across the United States.

We still have a long way to go, but 2 Chainz has shown us what it looks like for someone with a large audience to use their cannabis passion for social good.

Early Days

2 Chainz, real name Tauheed K. Epps, was born in College Park, Georgia, and attended North Clayton High School, where he excelled academically and began a promising hoop career.

Honoring 2 Chainz And His Marijuana Advocacy

2 Chainz was experimenting with marijuana long before the rest of us did, despite his academic and athletic success. The rapper was arrested for cocaine possession that same year and was caught dealing marijuana while he was only 15 years old. Later, from 1995 to 1997, Epps used a basketball scholarship to study at Alabama State University.

However, 2 Chainz admitted to Rolling Stone that he “got into some problems, went somewhere else, then came back,” dispelling the widespread speculation that he had achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA. Anyway, I got my degree, and that’s that. Now, back in the old days… He briefly attended Virginia State University, but would not discuss his motivations.

True to The Plant

Throughout his life, from high school to the present, 2 Chainz has always stayed true to the plant. Although he is now well-admired for his promotion of marijuana and his dedication to the cause, he was not always on the government’s side. In fact, his tune “Feds Watching (feat. Pharell)” from January 2013 may have predicted some of the year’s events.

Weed dealing and felony cocaine possession convictions at a young age led to Epps’ expulsion from high school. In February 2013, while on his way to a concert in Maryland, he was arrested for marijuana possession and subsequently cited and released, months before the release of his second studio album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.

In June of the same year, 2 Chainz was detained once more, this time while on an aircraft out of LAX. When TSA officers discovered marijuana and promethazine in his suitcase, he was taken into custody on suspicion of drug possession. Nothing ever went right for him.

In Oklahoma City two months later, in August of 2013, police stopped 2 Chainz’s tour bus for a broken taillight. Police officers claimed they had reasonable suspicion to search the bus because of the strong odor of marijuana.

Once the bus driver still wouldn’t unlock the doors, the police obtained a search warrant. Pieces of marijuana, pills for discomfort, two semiautomatic handguns, and a pump shotgun in the 12 gauge were discovered.

2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace

Historically significant proponents of legalized marijuana have run afoul of the law on more than one occasion. After all, on a federal level, it is still prohibited in the USA.

When I talk about 2 Chainz’s run-ins with the law over cannabis, it’s just to show you how passionate, determined, and relentless he is in his campaign for legalization, and how his own brushes with the law might have been avoided if cannabis had been legalised in the first place.

Come with me on a walk down memory lane. Positive changes, this time. Two years after his epic trip with the feds, in January 2015, 2 Chainz sat down with CNN’s Nancy Grace to debate the merits of marijuana legalisation. In my opinion, Grace’s arguments were ridiculous, and 2 Chainz did a great job of presenting the facts to her in a kind and professional manner.

Grace argues that “irresponsible child abusers” may then obtain cannabis and use it irresponsibly with their children.

2 Whether it’s legal or not, everyone can get their hands on some weed right now,” Chainz said in response. I merely think that if this drug were legalised, it would alleviate some strain on the criminal justice system, such as the need to incarcerate more people and the stigma attached to having a criminal record that makes it difficult to obtain credit and a mortgage.

Grace’s heated ears sprang to attention as she swiftly countered, “If you want to qualify for a home, then why don’t you just not consume pot?”

Naturally, she couldn’t wait to show 2 Chainz the video she’d found of a mother and her friends offering weed to her two-year-old daughter.

You’re the one responsible for setting rules about that in your own home. Epps remarked, “Of course everyone understands that this is incorrect.

He went on to cite the many situations in which medical marijuana has helped him, such as long flights, performances in front of large crowds (he has performed in front of as many as 50,000 people), and meet-and-greets, as reasons why it should be allowed. He stated that regular people would benefit from marijuana since it helps them sleep and deal with nausea.

Gas Cannabis Co.

It was in 2016 that you may recall GQ Magazine inviting 2 Chainz to use pot and bongs to the tune of $500,000. Hash oil and dabs, he said, “make it seem like your heart is ready to explode.”

It’s obvious he had a soft spot for that sensation. 2 Chainz debuted his own weed business, Gas Cannabis Co., in 2018 and is now a participant in the legal cannabis industry.

2 Chainz’s cannabis brand, Green Street, hit the shelves alongside potent pre-rolls and three flower strains, thanks to a collaboration with Green Street Agency, whose clients include Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, and The Game.

  • Octane 87
  • Octane 89
  • “93 Octane”

Given his lengthy history and involvement with marijuana, 2 Chainz’s “Good Ass Shit” brand was eagerly anticipated.

2 Chainz is a multi-platinum rapper, singer, and songwriter whose love for marijuana has never wavered. He hasn’t given up the fight for legalisation, and he has a long way to go.


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