No Edibles: ND House Votes Down Medical Marijuana Expansion!

North Dakota’s medical marijuana cardholders may soon be unable to purchase edibles with their prescriptions.

The current medicinal marijuana measures required 63 yes votes in the House of Representatives. Yet on Tuesday, the House considered two similar proposals, which were both ultimately defeated by votes of 55-37 and 20-72.

Backers of the legislation argue that patients can be more precisely dosed with edible forms of marijuana than with cigarettes. Proponents of the state’s medicinal marijuana programme argue that this is what voters had in mind in 2016 when they authorised the programme.

No edibles: ND House votes down medical marijuana expansionRepresentative Steve Vetter of the Republican party in Grand Forks said, “Again, I’d like to remind the assembly this is something the people wanted, the people voted for this, and now here we are, six years later, attempting to give the people what they initially asked for.”

Edibles, which commonly take the shape of candy or chocolate, have been criticised by bill opponents who worry that youngsters will mistake them for safer treats.

House Bill 1202 was defeated with a vote of 55 in favour to 37 opposed. The law needed 63 votes in favour in order to pass, as it sought to make changes to an initiative voters approved in 2016.


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