Muskegon Marijuana Shop Burglarized Twice in Two Days!

The proprietor of a marijuana dispensary in Muskegon claims that his business was broken into twice in as many days, with the criminals making off with goods worth roughly $20,000. South of E. Laketon Avenue on Peck Street, it occurred as Sticky Muskegon.

Time-stamped surveillance footage was taken soon before 6:30 a.m. On Sunday, four people can be seen pulling up to the rear of the store, their faces hidden by hoods and masks. They used a crowbar to break down the back door.

Muskegon Marijuana Shop Burglarized Twice in Two Days!

From the back room, they took boxes and bags and piled them into the SUV’s back. In less than three minutes, they were gone. Jake Abraham, the owner of Sticky, told News 8 that the items stolen were worth roughly $14,000. Abraham claimed to have reinforced the back door and reported the theft to the authorities.

The second break-in was captured on camera soon after 3:45 a.m. on Monday. According to Abraham, burglars broke out a window and leaped through it since they were unable to enter through the recently strengthened back door. Four people are seen on surveillance footage taking products from the displays before exiting via the window in less than two minutes. Abraham calculated that they stole $5,000 worth of goods.

Muskegon Marijuana Shop Burglarized Twice in Two Days!

According to the Muskegon Police Department, “many” additional marijuana establishments in the city have had break-ins in the previous few months. Contact the Silent Observer at 231.722.7463 or Muskegon police at 231.846.8477 if you have any information regarding the break-ins.


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