Legalizing Marijuana Bill Passes 1st Joint Committee, Set For Another!

The Senate is making progress on legislation that would allow recreational marijuana use by adults. With the passage of Senate Bill 375, everyone over the age of 21 would be able to legally carry around 4 ounces of marijuana. The Hawaii Cannabis Authority, tasked with regulation by the state Department of Health, would be created as a result of this bill.

Legalizing Marijuana Bill Passes 1st Joint Committee, Set For Another!

In addition to issuing and managing distribution licenses, they would also alter, create, or eliminate regulations. But some cannabis legalization advocates are concerned about the bill’s administrative procedures.

“A lot of other places we’ve seen, specifically in New York, when they set up their program and they legalized there is a time waiting period before legalization starts and legal sale starts,” said Randy Gonce, executive director of the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association.

Legalizing Marijuana Bill Passes 1st Joint Committee, Set For Another!

It was around this time that “black market sales,” as described by Gonce, may increase. Having access to legal cannabis goods on day one of the law’s implementation would eliminate the criminal market.v Senate Bill 669, another cannabis legalization bill, would create the Hawaii Cannabis Regulation Authority.

The Department of Health would be a partner for the organization. There would be no delay between legalization and the start of legal sales under SB 669’s proposed two-year pilot program, which would see medical cannabis stores selling for both medical and recreational use.

Legalizing Marijuana Bill Passes 1st Joint Committee, Set For Another!

Once the bill has been amended in the Ways and Means Committee of the Senate, it will travel to the Senate Judiciary Committee for further consideration. The Senate committee has also stated that it intends to revise the implementing regulations for Bill 375 before it is implemented.


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