Is Yoko Ono Still Alive? What Happened To John Lennon’s Wife?

John Lennon’s ex-wife Yoko Ono, who is now 87 years old, is likely among the most famous women in the world. The Japanese artist and the Beatles musician were married for a total of 11 years between 1969 and 1980, during which time they had a son named Sean.

The couple’s relationship was dogged by scandal the entire time they were together. In celebration of John Lennon’s 80th birthday on October 9, this year, Fans have been considering whether or not Yoko Ono, Lennon’s current custodian and defender of his musical and cultural legacy, is still alive.

The Japanese musician and visual artist Yoko Ono is best known as the wife of The Beatles’ John Lennon. One of the most sought-after answers to the question “Is Yoko Ono still alive?” Please continue on to the end of the article to find out if Yoko Ono is still alive.

Is Yoko Ono Still Alive?

To answer your question, Yoko Ono is really still active and healthy in her eighties. On the 18th of February, 1933, Yoko Ono was born in Tokyo, Japan. The wife and creative partner of singer John Lennon in the 1960s, she is a Japanese artist and musician who gained worldwide recognition as a result.


She had a significant role in the development of conceptual and performance art in the 1960s. In a way, the marriage between Ono and John Lennon was a mixed blessing for her career as a superstar. During the couple’s weeklong “bed-ins” in Amsterdam and Montreal,

where they made their hotel room open to the press in an effort to promote world peace, Ono had a unique opportunity to speak her mind. In spite of this, she was held responsible for the Beatles’ 1970 split and was vilified as a result.

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What Happened to Yoko Ono?

New York Post articles from 2017 indicate that Yoko Ono uses a wheelchair. Ono, who was 87 years old at the time, was presented with the Centennial Song Award by the National Music Publishers’ Association in 2017. In her heartfelt acceptance speech, Ono talked about the strength she had gained from facing her disease head-on.

Is Yoko Ono Still Alive

She thanked the experience for allowing her to develop personally and professionally. The cause of that ailment still hasn’t been identified. Apparently, some of Yoko Ono’s fans at the time speculated that she had suffered a stroke that forced her to use a wheelchair.

But her 45-year-old son quickly tweeted, “Only stroke @yokoono had was a Stroke of Genius!… She looks great and is doing great. The year prior, in 2017, Ono was reportedly hospitalized in New York City with flu-like symptoms.


She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where John Lennon was pronounced dead after his assassination in 1980, as reported by the New York Post. Yoko celebrated John’s 80th birthday by posting a photo of the happy couple together and a heartfelt statement on her Instagram account.

Yoko Ono’s Current Health

Ono has reportedly been “slowing down” and using a wheelchair since 2017, and she has opted to retreat from the public glare in recent years. Upon accepting the Centennial Song Award from the National Music Publishers’ Association at a ceremony in 2017, Ono said that she had learned a lot and was glad for having withstood her illness; nonetheless, the nature of this illness is still a mystery.

Some of her fans worried that she had a stroke, but Sean dispelled those rumors by writing, “Only stroke @yokoono suffered was a Stroke of Genius! In terms of physical fitness, she’s fantastic. According to Elliot Mintz, a family acquaintance,

Is Yoko Ono Still Alive

“She has certainly slowed down, as would be expected at her age.” But it’s clear that her son is the center of her universe now. It was noted by Mintz that “Sean is her closest pal.” They have dinner together twice or three times a week.

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Where Is Yoko Ono Seen Last?

For decades, Yoko Ono has been a visible presence at art events, all the while actively promoting world peace. However, she has been more withdrawn and secretive in recent years, claiming to be ill. To celebrate what would have been John’s 80th birthday last month, Sean made a documentary for the BBC as well as an Apple Music show.

A video of Yoko Ono reading from a screenplay was just posted to Twitter. In one of her final public appearances in 2017, she said, “I’ve learned so much by having this condition.” It is, however, unclear what ailment the creator suffers from.


Yoko Ono was hospitalized in February 2016 for what was initially considered to be a stroke but was subsequently revealed to be a severe case of the flu. Even after John was shot and killed in front of the Dakota building in New York in 1980, she has remained a resident there.


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