In Congress, A Republican Measure to Reschedule Cannabis Has Been Introduced (newsletter: February 1, 2023)

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Top Things to Know

Florida Republican Greg Steube Has Introduced New Legislation to Downgrade Cannabis from The Most Restrictive Schedule I to The More Liberal Schedule Iii. a Review of Cannabis’s Scheduling Status Is Now Being Conducted by The Biden Administration, Which Is Why the Suggestion Has Surfaced Now.

More than Forty Thousand Truck Drivers in 2022 Tested Positive for Marijuana, a 32 Percent Annual Increase, According to New Data from The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Despite the Growing Need for Commercial Drivers, More than Half of Those Who Have Tested Positive for Drugs Have Not Participated in The Procedure to Return to Work.

Under Republican Control of The House, Sen. Cory Booker (d-Nj) Indicated that Passing Legislation Is “going to Be Harder, but Not Impossible.” Booker Was Referring to The “cannabis Crisis” Caused by A Continuous Absence of Banking Protections.

The Nation’s Capital D.C.’s Democratic Mayor, Muriel Bowser, Recently Signed a Bill that Legalises Medical Marijuana, Eliminates Licence Caps, Reduces Taxes for Operators by Eliminating 280 E, Gives Priority to Equity Businesses, and Permits On-Site Consumption Facilities While Ensuring Enforcement Against Unlicensed Vendors. Self-Certification as A Medicinal Cannabis Patient, without A Doctor’s Referral, Is Also Codified by The New Law.

Several Amendments Proposed by Republicans in The Minnesota House State and Local Government Finance and Policy Committee Aimed at Placing Additional Restrictions on The Newly Legalised Drug Marijuana, Including Raising the Minimum Age of Purchase from 21 to 25. the Committee Ultimately Voted in Favour of The Bill, Which Will Now Move on To the Full House for Consideration.

Drug Decriminalisation in British Columbia, Canada Went Into Force, but Proponents Claim the Programme Is Inadequate Since It Sets Too-Low Possession Standards and Does Not Oversee the Supply Chain.

A Republican Lawmaker from Missouri Said His New Bill to Make Psilocybin Available for Therapeutic Use to Those with Serious Mental Health Disorders Is Especially Useful for Military Veterans.

In This Sponsored Post, Green Check Verified’s Peter Su Dispels Five Common Misconceptions About Banking for Cannabis Businesses.


At a Recent Event, a Senior Public Health Advisor at The Food and Drug Administration Who Specialises in Cannabis Discussed Cbd Regulation and The Scheduling Review.

Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control Slapped Sanctions on Mexicans Suspected of Fentanyl Trafficking.

GOP cannabis rescheduling bill in Congress (Newsletter: February 1, 2023)

In an effort to Overturn New Jersey’s Marijuana Legalisation Statute, Activist Nj Weedman Went to Court, but The Third Circuit Court of Appeals Determined that He Lacked Standing to Do So.

The Food and Drug Administration’s Declaration that It Will Not Develop Regulations for Cbd Products Prompted a Number of Senators and Representatives to Voice Their Displeasure.


The Office of Democratic Rhode Island Governor Dan Mc Kee Has Backtracked on An Earlier Promise to Select Members of The Cannabis Control Commission by The End of January, Citing the Ongoing Background Check Process as The Reason.

In Her State of The State Address Last Week, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (d) Discussed how The Legalisation of Medical Marijuana Would Have Made the Final Days of Cancer Patient David Auble More Bearable. Kelly Also Included a Link to An Op-Ed Written by Auble, Who Wrote that He Had Found Relief from His Illness Through Cannabis Treatment. Please Take a Moment to Read His Account, Which Dates Back to May of This Year.

The Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon Has Legalised Marijuana After a Vote by The Board of Trustees of The Confederated Tribes of The Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Legislation to Legalise Medical Marijuana Edibles Was Shot Down in The North Dakota House.

A Panel of The House of Delegates’ General Laws Committee in Virginia Has Tabled Two Proposals that Would Have Given Authorities the Authority to Start Preparing for Recreational Marijuana Sales.

A Bill in The Wyoming House that Would Have Made It Illegal to Sell Synthetic Thc-Derived Goods to Minors Was Shelved by The Education Committee.

Psilocybin Services Were the Subject of A Hearing Before the Washington State Senate Committee on Labor and Commerce. on The Same Day, a Separate Cannabinoid Science Work Group Meeting Will Be Held by The Authorities.

GOP cannabis rescheduling bill in Congress (Newsletter: February 1, 2023)

Senators in Kansas Have Introduced Legislation to Make Medical Marijuana Legal.

Legislation to Prohibit Delta-8 Thc Products Is Now Being Considered by Georgia Legislators.

Members of The New Hampshire Senate Shared Their Thoughts on The Topic of Legalising Marijuana.

A Lawmaker from Indiana Discussed the Bill He Co-Sponsors to Regulate Marijuana.

Revised Cannabis Tax Regulations Were Submitted by Illinois Regulators.

Sixty Percent of Pennsylvania’s Medical Cannabis Recommendations in 2021 Were Given to Patients with Anxiety Disorders, According to Recently Released Data.

The Inaugural Cohort of New York’s Cannabis Compliance Training and Mentorship Programme Has Been Revealed.

The New Jersey Cannabis Control Commission Has Begun Blogging.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Has Provided a Summary of The Current Marijuana Reform Legislation that Is in The State Legislature’s Legislative Pipeline.

This Thursday Is a Meeting of The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission.


Killeen’s Mayor Has Stated that She Has Not yet Been Served in A Lawsuit Filed by Bell County Officials Against the City for Its Voter-Approved Marijuana Decriminalisation Statute.

The “progressive” Enforcement of Cannabis Laws Was the Subject of A Report Released by Los Angeles, California Authorities.


The Minister of Mental Health and Addictions in Canada Has Announced that A Dashboard Will Be Created to Monitor the Outcomes of Drug Decriminalisation in The Province of British Columbia.

It Has Been Reported that Discussions Are Being Held by The Government of Malaysia Regarding the Potential Medical Benefits of Both Cannabis and Kratom.

A Bill to Legalise Marijuana in Costa Rica Was Discussed in A Parliamentary Session.

The Australian Government Intends to Introduce Legislation to Legalise Marijuana Within the Next Two Months.

One of Mexico’s Most Influential Senators Recently Suggested that The Country’s Government Might Explore Legalising Marijuana This Session.

Science & Health

When Looking for Innovative Therapy Alternatives for Various Skin Disorders, the Study Revealed that “phytocannabinoids Can Be Promising Topical Antibacterial Agents.”

After Weighing the Evidence, Researchers Found that “cocaine Has Been Proved to Lessen the Intensity of Sadness and Anxiety.”

Advocacy, Opinion & Analysis

On 4/20, the Prohibitionist Groups Smart Approaches to Marijuana and The Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions Will Host a Symposium in The Nation’s Capital.

Suggestions for Drug Testing in The Workplace Were Issued by The Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation.

Twenty of The Largest Cannabis Corporations Spent a Total of $5.43 Million on Federal Lobbying in 2022.

The New York Daily News Has Issued a Call to Action to State Regulators, Urging Them to Open up The Legal Marijuana Market and Crack Down on Unauthorised Vendors.


The Quarterly Report for High Tide Inc. Showed a Loss of C$52.5 Million on Sales of C$108.2 Million.


To Clarify, “guests Are Not Allowed to Smoke Within the Property,” and “no Cannabis-Based Goods Will Be Made Available or Offered to The Guests During the Stays,” Under Airbnb’s Terms of Service for The Promotion with Seth Rogen and His Cannabis Startup Houseplant.


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