Cannabis improves sex, scientists find

Marijuana can improve libido and sexual satisfaction, a study has revealed.

A paper published in the Sexual Medicine
journal has found a direct link between a moderate use of cannabis prior to sex
and a significant increase in arousal and strength of orgasm.

Researchers studied the sex lives of almost
400 participants who volunteered intimate information about their private lives
and use of marijuana.

From the study, 176 women said they used
cannabis, often prior to sexual activity.

“Among those who reported using marijuana before
sex, 68.5 percent stated that the overall sexual experience was more pleasurable,
60.6 percent noted an increase in sex drive, and 52.8 percent reported an
increase in satisfying orgasms,” the study reported.

Following study adjustments, the report concluded that women who used
marijuana had higher odds of achieving orgasm than those who did not use cannabis.

The study, carried out by Saint Louis University in Missouri, was led by
Becky Lynn – associate professor of obstetrics and genecology.

She explained the reason for the work came about after discovering several
patients were reporting cannabis use as a way of overcoming some of their
sexual problems and inhibitions.

“I have seen it used in women with chronic pain disorders that lead to painful sex, women who experience difficulty with orgasm or an inability to orgasm, and women who use it to improve their libido, which may not match their partner’s libido,” she said.

Sexual pleasure

The next step in
the study is to uncover the science behind the way in which marijuana appears
to improve sexual pleasure for women.

Obvious answers
point to the fact that, as a widely-used relaxant, marijuana will naturally
lower anxiety and stress, thereby increasing sexual confidence.

However, several leading authorities have suggested it may largely be due to the complex collection of chemicals in the plant and the way they interact with the brain’s many cannabinoid receptors. It is known that some receptors are located in the part of the brain which regulates sex hormones and sexual arousal.


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