Before Recreational Marijuana Is Legalized in Maryland, Legislators Propose Licencing and Sales Laws!

Marijuana for recreational use will be legal in Maryland as of July 1. Politicians are currently attempting to enact supplementary legislation to govern the sale.

House Bill 556 would incorporate cannabis within the jurisdiction of the State’s Alcohol and Tobacco Commission and create an adult-use licensing scheme.

The bill also seeks to improve minority entrepreneurs’ access to funding and equity.

After the most recent hearing, we spoke with Delegate C.T. Wilson, who sponsored the bill and said he appreciated hearing from the public and activists.

MD lawmakers push legislation on licensing, sale regulations ahead of recreational marijuana legalization

According to him, safety is the most important aspect of any usage. That way, buyers will know they are getting just Maryland-made goods, and the goods will be examined several times before sale.

Delegate Wilson emphasized that all of Maryland’s stores and dispensaries carry and sell only legal products made in the state.

The law also proposes an initial 6% state sales tax that would rise to 10% by 2028. To help eliminate the underground economy, low tax rates are advocated by Delegate Wilson.

He goes on to say that the bill was introduced as an urgent measure to make sure they can go into effect on July 1.


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